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Small Piglet Milk Replacer

Product Name:

Small Piglet Milk Replacer


Gentech Feed Mill

General Description:

The milk replacer is suitable for small piglets in lactation and pre- and post-weaning period.

Product Features:

1. Help piglets weaned at day-3 age who have eaten colostrum achieve a survivval rate of 90%.

2. Palatable and easy to dissolve.

3. Sow milk taste.

4. Maintain the morphology and function of small intestine and help the grow of intestinal villi.

5. Contain all essential nutrients for suckling piglets.

Product Function:

1. Defend against disease, ensure health and improve survival rate.

2. Promote rapid food ingestion, provide energy and help regain body strength as soon as possible.

3. Facilitate digestion and absorption and prevent diarrhea.

4. Provide complete nutrients for sucking piglets to avoid early nutritional deficiencies.

Experimental data:

General rate of return on feed is within 0.8, and basically all piglets weaned at day-3 age can survive.

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