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Nursery Feed

Product Name: 

Piglets Formula Feed (Red)


Gentech Feed Mill

General Description:

Applicable stage: 14 days after weaning

Net weight: 20kg

Product Features:

1. Good disease resistance ability.

2. Intestinal tract protection for quick recovery of intestinal villi and decrease of energy consumption.

3. High digestibility and absorption rate with good palatability.

4. The encased live bacteria are resistant to high temperature during pelletizing and released in the gut to improve the Intestinal environment with harmful bacteria inhibited and probiotics increased.

5. Reduction of feed consumption waste thanks to good palatability and high digestibility.

Product functions:

1. Reduce disease occurrence and weaning stress.

2. Promote fast growth and high feed utilization in later stage.

3. High economic benefits of feed and low F/G.

4. Diarrhea control with digestibility improved.

5. Good feed utilization.

Experimental data:

Daily weight gain of 250-350g.

F/G of around 1.1-1.2.

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