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Creep Feed

Product Name:

Green Baby Concentrate Feed


Gentech Feed

General Description:

Applicable stage: Day 60-90

Net weight: 25kg

Product Features:

1. Promoting feed intake and improving body shape.

2. Maintaining small intestine function to ensure the development of digestive system and follow-up growth.

3. Disease prevention.

4. High energy, good digestibility, absorption and palatability.

Product function:

1. Improve food intake by 10% and growth speed by 1012% to make preparation for growth in later stage.

2. Smoothly start feed taking and end up the nursery stage for better follow-up in the later stage. Good production performance can be maintained for a long time.

3. Keep the pig groups healthy.

4. Promote growth, feed utilization rate, fur brightness, and body shape at low F/G of 10%15%.

Experimental data:

Up to 700-800g daily gain from day 60 to day 90. 

F/G of around 1.8-2.

Prolonged use available for weight gain up to 50kg

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