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Chinese Swine Industry Symposium(CSIS)
2016 CSIS Speakers

  2016 CSIS was held on October 20-21 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry. They are:

  Dr. Dermot J. Hayes  (Pioneer Chair in Agribusiness Iowa State University)

  Dr. Harinder Makkar  (Animal Production Officer at FAO Headquarter)

  Dr. Hans H. Stein  (Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Illinois)

  Dr. Guoyao Wu  (Distinguished professor of Texas A&M University)

  Dr. Jaap van Milgen  (Research Engineer; Nutrition and metabolism; INRA)

  Dr. Nathalie Le Floc’h  (Senior scientist at INRA UMR1348)

  Dr. Defa Li   (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering & Professor of Animal Science of China Agricultural University)

  Dr. John F. Patience  (Professor of Animal Science Iowa State University)

  Dr. Flemming Thorup  (Chief investigator at Pig Research Centre, SEGES)

  Dr. Daiwen Chen  (Vice President of Sichuan Agriculture University & Professor of Animal nutrition Institute, Sichuan Agriculture University)

  Dr. Deb Hamernik  (Director-At-Large to the ASAS Board of Directors)

  Dr. Roger Campbell  (Chief Executive Officer: CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork)

  Dr.Thomas Kaufmann  (German Environmental Expert)

  Alborali Giovanni Loris  (A diplomat at European College Porcine Health and Management (ECPHM) & President of Italian Association of Swine Pathology and Breeding                    (SIPAS))

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