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Creep Feed

Product Name: 

Yellow Baby Concentrate Feed


Gentech Feed

General Description:

Applicable stage: Day 40-60.

Net weight: 40kg

Product Features:

1. Reducing the stress from feed changing and enhancing immune function.

2. Preserving the function of small intestine to ensure the well development of digestive system and the follow-up growing effect.

3. Improving the intestinal endocrine environment.

4. Good digestibility, absorption and palatability.

Product functions:

1. Improve the group healthy level and disease resistance ability to greatly raise the survival rate and control the disease in case of disease occurrence.

2. Promote digestion, absorption, feed utilization for better growth in the later stage so as to maintain good production performance for a long time.

3. Prevent diarrhea in order to promote the development of digestive system.

4. Achieve high economic benefits of feed and low F/G.

Experimental data:

Daily weight gain up to over 500g for piglets of 40-60 days old.

F/G of around 1.4-1.6.

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