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Pond Life

Product Name: 

Soil & Water Probiotic


India Microl Remedies

General Description:

The soil & water probiotic can effectively prevent the aggregation of vibrio and other heterotrophic bacteria on prawns or beneath the water during the whole production period of prawns, improve the pond water environment and ensure the maximum economic benefits in shrimp farming.

Product Features:

1. Maintain water color by supporting plankton growth.

2. Nitrifying, denitrifying and H2S oxidizing bacteria helps in the reduction of ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and H2S.

3. Bacillus species help to control and regulate the vibrio loads.

4. Specially selected microbes work very efficiently in varying temperatures, seasons and D.O levels.

5. Highly effective in sludge degradation to maintains a healthy bottom.

6. Regular use leads to decreases  F.C.R & improves survivals.

7. Creates  stress free condition for the shrimp.

8. Selected microbes help in the breakdown of organic waste.

Dosage Guidelines:


 Stocking<50 pieces/Sq.Meter/Acre

 Stocking>50 pieces/Sq.Meter/Acre

 Pond preparation

 350 gms


 First 6 weeks of cultures

 350 gms – 400gms/week to 10 days

 500gms – 600gms/week to 10 days

 7th week to harvest

 450gms – 500gmd/week to 10 days

 700gms – 750gms/week to 10 days

Average Bacterial Count: 5.5 – 6.0 Billion cfu/gram. (or) As recommended by your aqua consultant.

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