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Liquid Yucca

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Baja Agrio International

General description:

Biopowder is a natural steroid saponin (derived from Yucca Schidigera)

Liquid Biopowder is a natural and organic nutrient enhancer, extracted from the stems of Yucca Schidigera, a plant growing in the semi- deserts of America, which helps to reduce offensive odor and control ammonia, improve health conditions of animals and feed utilization, and increase efficiency in animal production.

Product features:

1. Natural concentrated extract of Yucca plants.

2. Control and reduce the ammonia, nitrite, and hydrogen sulfide in the water when added into the water.

3. Combine with ammonia molecules to form the nitrogen compound, which is harmless to aquatic animals and utilized by zooplankton and plants.

4. Accelerate the decomposition of organic waste in water.

5. Improve the water quality so as to promote animal health most significantly.

Biopowder main active compositions:

1. Glycocomponents

2. Saponins

3. Yucca phenol (e.g. reveratrol)

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