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Product Name: 

Lactobutyrin Solid C4 Powder


Jointly developed by Guangdong Maritech Marin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO)

General Description:

OBMTM is the brand of compund algal bacteria marine bioactive substance with CSIRO patent. The product is added into the aquaculture feed formulas for prawn, fish and crab for the complete replacement of fish meal and fish oil in the feed. The bioactive dramatically improves the utilization of feed protein with great commercial values, symbolizes the implementation of fishmeal substitute formula in real sense and will lead to a technological revolution in the prawn industry.

Use of this bioactive substance has also been shown to enable formulation of diets devoid of fishery resources, but it produces equal or better performance than diets containing fish meal and oil. This bioactive should also work for other crustacean species including freshwater prawns, crayfish, crawfish, lobsters and crabs.

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