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Shanghai SU-PRO Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Su-Pro Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, is specialized in the production and trade of feed ingredients and additives. It is based in Shanghai and has established a network of distribution and sales all over China.

Su-Pro has made its mission to provide all round solutions and cutting-edge technical services for local customers through integrating worldwide resources. According to the situation of Chinese swine industry, it has been introducing a number of high quality products and advanced technologies into China from America, Europe and other Asian countries. Su-Pro products include DPS, Plasma, Lacto-butyrin, Biopowder, Dairyenergy E50, Cheese powder, etc. in which, DPS, plasma, and Lacto-butyrin are widely recognized by Chinese customers but actually they were new to China market when they were introduced into China. After many years’ development, Su-Pro has made their presence in main swine production areas in China.

Currently, it partners with many internationally well-known companies, such as NF Protein (USA), APC (USA), Baja Agroin (Mexico), AFN(USA), Lesaffre(France), etc. and has established strategic alliances with all of them.

To Create Value for You Through Integrating Worldwide Resources
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