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Shanghai USEA Import and Export Co., Ltd

Shanghai USEA Import and Export Co., Ltd is focused on the import and export of commodities. Currently, USEA has subsidiaries like Shanghai Union Agriculture Co., Ltd., Messor Grain Pty Ltd., The Mau Production Co., Ltd., and ACE BEST LIMITED (Hong Kong), etc. It has been providing professional and high-quality service for domestic and foreign feed enterprises.

USEA has formed a strategic alliance with a number of outstanding enterprises around the world, such as Proliant (USA), CHS (USA), SAOMAI Group (Vietnam), etc. At present, USEA product range include barley, sorghum, DDGS, whey permeate, poultry meal, fish meal, meat and bone meal, fish oil, soy protein concentrate, butyrin, mycotoxin adsorbent, specialty edible oil, cosmetics oil, etc.

Less Price and Better Service is what USEA people are pursuing relentlessly. USEA people have superior global resources so that it is able to bring maximum value to its customers. Less price verifies the advantages of our resources and even more represents our real interest in cooperation; Better service is what we are providing and is also our relentless pursuit! USEA has a customer-oriented culture and all our efforts are to enable customers to have a positive experience with our service.

USEA also manages to boost employee happiness and to achieve win-win cooperation in order to finally realize its beautiful vision of becoming a well-known and trusted trading company.

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