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Guangdong Natramall Food Co, Ltd.

Guangdong Natramall Food Co, Ltd. is located in Guangzhou City. It is the food and human health care business at Gentech Group with the mission of sourcing natural and healthy products all over the world to China.

Since 2012, Natramall’s product portfolio has grown into colostrums, infant formula, yogurt powder, wine and other health care products imported from Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Europe. Of them, the colostrums is made by La Belle, Inc. and the infant formula and yogurt powder is the brand of IAMNZ.

Natramall has a sound organizational structure. The management team consists of experienced professionals who are working in infant and children’s products or food for over 20 years. Natramall is very proud of its success in operating its baby product brand from zero to 100 millions.

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