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2014 CSIS
2014 CSIS Speakers

  2014 CSIS was held on October 30-31 in Shanghai. We have invited below prominent speakers to purely provide education for the industry.

  They are:

  Dr. Defa Li  (Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor of Animal Science of China Agricultural University)

  Dr. Hans Stein  (Professor of Illinois University)

  Dr. Niels Kjeldsen  (Head of Swine Nutrition Research Dept within the Danish Swine Research Centre)

  Dr. John Patience  (Professor of Iowa State University)

  Dr. Gerald Shurson  (Professor of Minnesota University)

  Dr. Debra Aaron  (President of ASAS and Professor of Kentucky University)

  Dr. Thomas Shipp  (Director of Nutrition, International Operations, Murphy-Brown LLC)

  Dr. Joe Crenshaw  (Director of Research & Technical Services, APC Inc)

  Dr. Jason Sewell  (Senior Nutritionist of NF Protein, LLC)

  Dr. Chris Piotrowski  (Senior analytical chemist of AB Vista ·Aunir)

  Dr. Jaap van Milgen  (Research Engineer of Nutrition and metabolism from INRA)

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