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PlaqueOff® Powder for Cats and Dogs

Product Name:

Proden Plaqueoff® Powder for Cats and Dogs

Manufactured by

Swedencare AB

General description:

Since its establishment in 1970, Proden Plaqueoff® has dedicated to the research on dental and oral health improvement by special seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum, with its pet dental and oral care products officially launched on the market in 1999.

Proden Plaqueoff® brings a revolutionary way to clean pets’ teeth for global pet lovers with 1 tiny spoon of powder added into pet’s food for 24 hours’ dental cleaning and care and a surprisingly unanticipated change in 56 days.

Up to now, ProDen PlaqueOff® pet dental and oral care products have been sold in pet hospitals and pet stores worldwide over 50 countries, earning the trust from numerous pet doctors and pet owners.

Proden Plaqueoff® has obtained five certifications, respectively WHO, FDA, FAO, GRAS and safety credential from FDA.

Proden Plaqueoff® has won the essential patent on Ascophyllum nodosum preparation for dental and oral health with global proprietorship, which means the globally distributed special Ascophyllum nodosum preparations are solely from Proden Plaqueoff®.

Proden Plaqueoff® has conducted plenty of clinical trials on Plaqueoff® powder in joint cooperation with research institutes form Sweden, Poland, UK, Japan, etc. with its trustworthy product quality also validated through the feedback of many countries’ veterinarians and pet owners.

In 2016, Proden Plaqueoff® successfully landed on Nasdaq and became the first animal health care company in Nasdaq First North transaction. In the same year, Proden Plaqueoff® officially involved in Chinese market to bring the natural and healthy dental care “artifact” to Chinese pet lovers.

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